• FERRISPEC® XB series from Venator Materials, is a unique line of iron oxide black pigments. All black pigments are carefully controlled for tint and strength. They are available in different color strength and tint shade. The pigments listed below represent the most popular black shades.
  • XB Products: XB5099, XB5099CPAC, XB5515, XB5523, XB5500, XB5599, XB5700, XB5799, XB5800
  • FERRISPEC® XB products provide the performance to meet or exceed the highest standards set by the concrete industry, including European Standard EN 12878:2005 and ASTM specifications C979-82. They provide maximum tinting strength, durability and excellent chemical resistance. In addition, they are engineered to assure excellent water wettability, alkali resistance, curing stability and light-fastness.
Category: Iron Oxides
Source: Venator
Industry: Construction
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