KROMA RED® Primer Series 

KROMA RED® Primer series is available in several red color shades. The products are 666, 777, 777D, 777S and 888. They are high quality red iron oxide pigments, which offer the advantages of superior pigmentary properties, including excellent hiding power and permanence of color, at minimum cost.
KROMA RED® Primer series is carefully controlled within narrow limits for their mass colors. 777D is a fine-milled grade with controlled Hegman dispersion.
KROMA RED® Primer series is non-fading, chemically stable and unaffected by normal baking temperatures. They are used in a variety of applications including primers, house and barn paints, structural coatings, building materials and plastics.

Category: Iron Oxides
Source: Venator
Industry: Decorative Paints,Industrial Paints
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