Methyl Ester Sulfonates (MES) 

Methyl ester sulfonates (MES) are anionic surfactants that can be made by sulfonation of saturated fatty acid methyl esters, derived from natural fats and oils.
Used in manufacturing of Laundry Detergent powders & detergent cakes and act as a surfactant giving cleansing property.
It has high detergency, water hardness tolerance property, and biodegradable ability. It is available in powder form.

Benefits includes:
•Superior Detergency at Low Concentration
•Better Detergency in Hard Water
•Excellent Synergistic Effect when Combined with Other Surfactants
•Readily Biodegradable
•Compatible with Application of Builders and Enzymes
•Cost Effective and Productivity Upgrading

Category: Others
Source: Adani Wilmar
Industry: Others
Packing: 25Kg/Bag
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