RIANOX 1076 

A high molecular weight hindered phenolic antioxidant available in both powder and granule form.
RIANOX1076 effectively reduced oxidative degradation of most polymeric substances during processing and end-use applications. RIANOX1076 can be applied in polyolefin such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polybutene as well as in other polymers such as engineering plastics, styrene homo-and copolymers, polyurethanes, elastomers, adhesives, and other organic substrates. RIANOX1076 can be used in combination with other additives such as co-stabilizers (e.g. thioesters, phosphites, phosphonites), light stabilizers, and other functional stabilizers.

Category: Antioxidant,Plastic Additives
Source: Rianlon Corporation
Industry: PVC,Masterbatch,Engineering polymer
Packing: 20KG/BAG
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