• ULTRA YELLOW® YZ series from Venator Materials, is a unique line of synthetic yellow iron oxide pigments, produced using a multi-step process which involves the precipitation of ferric oxyhydroxide, followed by purification through washing, drying and milling. Each step in the manufacturing process is controlled within narrow limits to produce products with superior pigmentary properties.
  • ULTRA YELLOW® YZ Series is available in five (5) shades including YZ1688, YZ1888, YZ1988, YZ2288 and YZ3288, ranging from the lightest, brightest and cleanest cream and ivory tints to the dark oak and buff shades. Non-fading and non-reactive, they withstand temperatures up to 180°C in most vehicle systems – making them the best choice for superior color in a wide range of applications, including paints, colorants, plastics, rubber, paper and many other applications where permanent yellows are required.
Category: Iron Oxides
Source: Venator
Industry: Rubber,Plastics,Paints
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