Our Services


Sourcing the right products

Research and Analysis-Backed Product Introduction

Marketing and sales for increasing market share through a knowledge-driven team

Warehousing facilities at strategic locations for better reach and just-in-time deliveries

Providing customised solutions through logistics, product, and service management

Supporting innovations and developments with our technical facilities like the Application Development Center (ADC) for coatings

Creating opportunities for engagement and interaction

Our Core Values

Good Chemistry is an amalgamation of Science and People


Change is inevitable, and the sooner we adapt to changing circumstances, the better off we are. We are adaptable to changes and evolve through them. We follow through on our commitments under all circumstances and constantly strive for improvisation of our processes, ideas, devices, and methods that add value to the clients as well as growth for the company.


We truly believe our people are the biggest asset of the company. We encourage the "Team" and the involved "People" to explore their individual strengths and skills clubbed together in a direction towards achieving their personal as well as company goals.

Work Ethic

We value work ethics with the highest regard. There is no compromise to hard work, and every team member puts in their maximum effort every single day.

Quality Selling

We work to deliver an exceptional experience to our business partners and customers. All our products and services are exceptional and world class.

Transparency and Integrity

We believe that "Trust" is more than just a tagline. This Trust includes the assurance of the quality of chemicals, services, support, and knowledge. We are transparent in our processes as well as our ethics, and we ensure everyone carries the same integrity for their work at Prakash Chemicals.

Our Principals

Our Corporate Social Responsibilities

Set Up RO Plant for Drinking Water in Goverment Primary School

Inspiration March 28, 2022

Diya Making Creative Activity

Inspiration October 5, 2022