At Prakash Chemical, employees have the opportunity to succeed and grow in an environment where advancement and rewards depend upon performance, ability and contribution to corporate goals.

Through the core values of PCPL, the company & the employees work together in an environment that is innovative, creative and fun to introduce new methods of offering services into the marketplace, and improve & expand the current network to meet the ever-changing needs of the environment and the customers.

What We Value

The employees of Prakash Chemicals are proud of the organization, from its dedication to excellence to the precise execution of its mission and vision. The goal of PCPL is to provide the greatest possible value to the company’s members. The team has a commitment to performance and quality, and operates according to the highest ethical standards.

PCPL values teamwork and is adaptable, reliable and accountable. The organization shows leadership at work and in the community, model integrity and aspire to make a difference. We thrive for relationship building with our customers and principals – that’s our DNA.

Current Openings

No openings