Our Business :

For Us, It Is All About Quality, And Compromising On It Is Never An Option

We play a pivotal role in bridging the gaps between our Principals & Customers, paving way for business growth and creating a Win-Win model for all our Stake Holders.

Distribution and Marketing

We deliver what our principals want, i.e., market expansion services, driven by in-depth knowledge of products, applications, and customer needs, especially those of SME’s. Through our network of strategically located warehouses, we provide our valued customers with access to the best product brands at the right time and place. 

Sourcing Partners and Importers

In this ever-evolving market where innovative and class-leading products are required by our customers, we remain at the forefront in sourcing and managing import uncertainties and challenges to enable hassle-free access to these products. Our management of timely sourcing the products during global logistic disruptions


Reliability is a difficult virtue to possess, and we at Prakash Chemicals remain the trusted partners of our principals and customers with our ability to plan, process, source, and maintain stocks of all products at all times. This is achieved by the seamless integration of all processes, starting from forecasting to planning to sourcing to inventory management, regardless of the market situation.

Supply Chain Partners

A standard product from a reputed manufacturer globally, meeting a customer’s requirement locally, needs a capable supply chain partner as a bridge for smooth and continuous movement from source to destination. Our supply chain services are trusted by our growing number of customers and principals equally.