Plastic and Rubber

Plastic and Rubber are versatile products that belong to the same family of polymers and are used for everything from packaging to life-sustaining equipment used in hospitals. They are distinguished primarily by their physical properties of plasticity and elasticity.

India has carved its niche in the polymer space and is now a key player in global plastic production, with more than 20,000 processing units.

We have learned the value of product performance and assisting customers in optimising their production capacities and costs over the course of more than two decades of engagement and service.

Accelerated globalization, rapid change in technology, and growing consumerism have brought with it sweeping changes and abundant opportunities for the plastics industry to grow domestically. To serve the requirements of the industry, we offer a basket of additives, with applications in the processing of Masterbatches, CPVC and PVC (pipes, fittings, profiles, foam sheets, leather sheets, and films), wires & cables, engineering plastic compounds, tyres, hoses, footwear, moulded components for vehicles, industrial belts, gloves, and more.

We have partnered with leading brands of Venator, Rianlon, Galata Chemicals, Meghmani Finechem Ltd and Sun Chemical, providing our customers a one stop solution for their requirements of resin (PVC/CPVC), CPVC compounds, Heat & Light Stabilizers, Titanium Dioxide, Antioxidants, UV absorbers, Impact Modifier, Processing Aid, PE Wax, Whiteners, Secondary Plasticizer, Synthetic Barium Sulphate, Zinc Sulphide, Lithopone, Pigments (high performance / effect / chrome), Silicon dioxide, Stearic acid and other fatty acid / fatty alcohols, Zinc Oxide, Zinc Carbonate and more…

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