Discover India’s Best Construction & Coating Chemical Suppliers

Coatings and Construction chemicals are among the fastest growing allied industries for the infrastructure sector, which is a key contributor to the economy of India. We bring years of experience and expertise together to offer innovative products and customised services that drive the performance and sustainability of formulations for our customers in the fields of:

Coatings: Architectural, Protective, Powder, Automotive, Floor, Wood and Elastomeric.

Construction Chemicals:Skim coat, Cementitious tile adhesive, Ready mix plaster, Grouts, Joint mortars, Water proofing.

Other applications: Inks, Pigment paste, Adhesive, Sealants, Textile binders, Ceramics.

Our diverse portfolio offers Binders/Resins, Pigments , Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Zinc Derivatives, Rheology Modifiers like HEC, MHEC, CMC, NSAT’s and Performance additives like Defoamers, pH Neutralizers, Specialty Surfactants, Moisture Scavengers, Epoxy Hardeners, Starch Ethers. Our association with global leading brands like BASF, Ashland, Venator, Incorez, Silox, Adani Wilmar is an assurance to our valued customers for product performance and consistent quality. In an endeavour to serve our customers’ growing needs for innovative products, formulation customizations, cost optimization, and continuous support for solutions, we have established a well-equipped Application Development Center (ADC), managed by a team of experienced Paint Technologists.

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