Impact modifiers are chemical additives that are used to improve the toughness and impact resistance of polymers. These ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) based impact modifiers absorbs the energy and dissipates it, preventing the material from cracking or breaking.

Processing aids are chemical additives that are used in plastic applications to improve the processing characteristics of the plastic during manufacturing. They are used as lubricants, anti-blocking agents, processing stabilizers, slip agents. They help to reduce processing defects, improve melt flow, and increase productivity.

Tin stabilizers are a type of organotin compound that act as heat stabilizers for PVC, helping to prevent the degradation of the polymer during processing and use. There are several types of PVC tin stabilizers available, including methyl, butyl, and octyl tin compounds. They are commonly used in the production of PVC products, such as pipes, profiles, and cables.